Food Safety Level 3 Online Certification

This interactive Supervising Food Safety Level 3 online course is suitable for anyone who is involved in the management, supervision and training of food handlers within a food service, food production, catering and retail environment.

This course provides up to date, sound knowledge of the latest food safety principles, as well as outline the supervisory duties within a food production setting.

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Food Safety and Hygiene Level 3 Course Details

  • The Food Safety and Hygiene Level 3 course takes 4-5 hours to complete
  • The course can be completed in one sitting or over multiple login sessions
  • Instant certification — no waiting for the certificate to arrive by post
  • E-learning format with online and offline programme options
  • Loaded with interactive exercises and engaging video, audio, graphics and animations
  • The course is flexible, allowing users to log in and out as many times as necessary to complete it
  • Suitable for individual use or for training an entire team, using ‘Team Trainer’

Who Should Take the Food Safety and Hygiene Level 3 Course?

  • This course is suitable for anyone managing or supervising food handlers in a food environment.
  • This course is suitable for people taking on a more responsible role for food safety within a food production or retail business:
  • Food production factories and food packaging plants, hotels, restaurants, bars, butchers, fish and chip shops, hospitals, schools, hostels, holiday camps, B&B’s, cruise ships and fast food takeaways.

What You’ll Learn from the Food Safety and Hygiene Level 3 Course

  • Have a clearer understanding of their role as a supervisor of food handlers when it comes to ensuring food safety and hygiene standards and procedures
  • Be able to define the three main food safety hazards, hygiene risks and how to control or eliminate them
  • Understand the different pathogens and spoilage micro-organisms and the methods used to destroy or control them
  • Be able to prevent food-borne illness and understand the impact of this from a business and a legal perspective
  • Learn how to develop and maintain an effective food safety management and HACCP system
  • Understand the different methods used to preserve food safely and hygienically
  • Understand how to keep premises and equipment clean and free of pests
  • Know how to control contamination through safe temperatures and storage controls
  • Learn how to ensure that staff follow and maintain a good standard of personal hygiene
  • Understand the application and monitoring of good hygiene practice within a catering, manufacturing or retail environment

The course content includes the following learning modules:

  • Introduction to Food Safety
  • Microbiology and Food Spoilage
  • Food Poisoning and Foodborne Illness
  • Food Preservation
  • Food Safety Management and HACCP
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Cleaning and Disinfection
  • Premises and Equipment
  • Pests and Pest Control
  • Your Role as a Supervisor
  • Food Law
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